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BPM Excellence in Practice 2009:
Innovation, Implementation and Impact
Award-winning Case Studies in Workflow and Business Process Management

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Publication date: October 2009.
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About the Book:
Editor: Layna Fischer
Cover: Quality Softcover
Pages: 248
Size: 7" x 10"
ISBN: 978-0-9819870-2-6

Illustrations, charts, references, appendices, bibliography, index.

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Read these detailed case studies to find out how these award-winners moved the competitive goalposts for their industry:


  • Innovative use of BPM technology to solve unique problems
  • Creative and successful implementation of advanced BPM concepts
  • Level of integration with other technologies and legacy systems
  • Degree of complexity in the business process and underlying IT architecture


  • Successful BPM and/or workflow implementation methodology (BPM CoE, Project Team, etc)
  • Size, scope and quality of change management process
  • Scope and scale of the implementation (e.g. size, geography, inter-company processes)


  • Extent and quantifiable impact of productivity improvements
  • Significance of cost savings
  • Level of increased revenues, product enhancements, customer service or quality improvements
  • Impact of the system on competitive positioning in the marketplace
  • Proven strategic importance to the organization's mission
  • Degree to which the system enabled a culture change within the organization and methodology for achieving that change.


  Table of Contents

Guest Chapters:

Free download of both Guest Chapters here

Social Technologies Will Drive the Next Wave of BPM Suites
Clay Richardson, Forrester Research, USA

Thinking Global, Acting Local: How Bi And Bpm Supports Smart Cities In A Globalized Economy
Lewis Carr, Oracle Corp., USA

SECTION 1 – Europe

  • KPN, The Netherlands, nominated by Cordys UK Ltd (finalist)
  • Migros Bank, Switzerland nominated by Action Technologies Inc. (gold)
  • Techspace Aero, Belgium, nominated by W4 (silver)

SECTION 2 – Middle East and Africa

SECTION 3 – North America

  • City of Edmonton, Canada, nominated by Computronix Ltd., Canada (finalist)
  • Dickinson Financial Corporation, USA nominated by Adobe Systems, USA (finalist)
  • Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) (A T & L), USA, nominated by Oracle Corp., USA (finalist)
  • Tribunal Superior de Justicia del Estado de Hidalgo, Mexico, nominated by PECTRA Technology, USA (silver)
  • U.S. Xpress, USA, nominated by Cordys UK Ltd (silver)
  • US MEPCOM, USA, nominated by Oracle Corp., USA (gold)

SECTION 4 – Pacific Rim

  • AEGON Religare Life Insurance, India, nominated by Cordys UK Ltd (finalist)
  • Australian Health Plans, Australia, nominated by Polonious Pty Ltd, Australia (silver)
  • Fullerton India Credit Company Ltd., India, nominated by Newgen Software Technologies Ltd. (gold)

SECTION 5 – South America

  • INMETRO, Brazil, nominated by Cryo Technologies (silver)
  • ISAPRE Microsystem, Chile, nominated by PECTRA Technology, Inc., USA. (finalist)
  • Produbanco, Ecuador, nominated by BizAgi Ltd, USA (gold)
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  • Transfiriendo S.A., Colombia, nominated by TYCON S.A. (finalist)
  • Appendix: Contributors, Award Winners, Vendors and Integrators
  • Resources

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This new eBook series presents the collection of best and most important chapters on their respective topics recently published in the annual BPM and Workflow Handbook series and other publications.
Introduction to BPM and Workflow
Utilities and Telecommunications

BPM Handbook Series

~ BPM Everywhere
~ Thriving on Adaptability

~ Empowering Knowledge Workers
~ iBPMS - Intelligent BPM Systems
~ BPM in Healthcare
~ Human Centric BPM
~ BPM in Government
~ Business Intelligence
~ Social BPM
~ Taming the Unpredictable
~ BPMN 2.0 Handbook 2nd Edition
~ BPMN Modelling and Reference Guide


eBook Series
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* Intro to BPM and Workflow
* Financial
* Healthcare
* Utilities & Telecoms

Excellence in Practice Series


* Passports to Success in BPM
* Moving the Goalposts
* Using BPM for Competitive Advantage
* Innovation, Implementation and Impact
* Successful Process Implementation
* Delivering BPM Excellence

* Taming the Unpredictable
* Customer-Centric Organization
* How Knowledge Workers Get Things Done
* Delivering Competitive Advantage
*Empowering Knowledge Workers
* Understanding and Using BPM

How Knowledge Workers Get Things Done

Taming the Unpredictable


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BPM Awards
WfMC Awards for Excellence in BPM and Workflow

Case Management Awards

WfMC Awards for Excellence in Case Management

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