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2007 Excellence in Practice:
Moving the Goalposts
Innovation and Excellence in Workflow and
Business Process Management

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Editor: Layna Fischer
Price: US $49.95
ISBN: 0-9777527-4-7
(Digital Edition, PDF format)

ISBN: 0-9777527-5-5
(Print Edition, Quality Softcover)
Pages: 308
Size: 7" x 10"

Illustrations, charts, references, appendices, bibliography, index.

Read these detailed case studies to find out how these award-winners moved the competitive goalposts for their industry:

  • Their award-winning system application, what the system is used for, who are the users and what the job entails

  • What were their key motivations

  • Their system configuration (number, and type of software, servers, scanners, printers, storage devices, etc., including the identities of the vendors and integrators involved)

  • The number of users currently on the system and number of users planned.

  • How the company has been impacted by their new system; cost savings, ROI and increased productivity improvements, competitive advantage gained, and how they managed to move the goal posts for their industry.

  • Their implementation process and methodology, the project team, and the change management and business process reengineering issues they addressed.

  • How these companies managed both their overall technological and business innovations.

  Table of Contents

  • About the Excellence Awards: Moving the Competitive Goalposts (includes abstracts of each chapter) by Layna Fischer, Awards Director. (125k PDF)

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The Chester County Hospital, USA-Gold Award
The healthcare industry has been slower to adopt Business Process Management (BPM) than other industries. However, The Chester County Hospital (CCH) has distinguished itself by not only implementing workflow management technology in a healthcare setting, but by customizing and supplementing that technology with its own home-grown applications. The result is a workflow system that integrates clinical, operational and financial processes to support patient-centered care. In addition to meeting the primary goal of providing safer, more efficient care to patients, BPM has enabled CCH to improve working conditions for employees, dramatically increase productivity, achieve higher levels of cost optimization, and become a competitive force to reckon with in the local healthcare community.

Samsung Heavy Industries, Korea—Gold Award
Due to a dramatic increase in the quantity of orders received since 2000, Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) realized the necessity of implementing business process management (BPM) technology for more efficient management and monitoring of our international shipbuilding operations. Today, the implemented BPM system has improved and efficiently manages not only processes such as order placement management, contractor process management, production management, and quantity management related to shipbuilding outsourcing, but has also improved the business processes related to the materials supplied to subcontractors of the various shipyards. Using this system, the processes were visualized. This visualization allowed us to optimize the fabrication management process, enable employees to manage and monitor the priority and status of various business processes in real-time, and provide an alarm notification function for process delays. e-TEAMS was the first instance of the application of BPM technology supporting business processes in the Korean shipbuilding industry.

Section 1:  Europe

Barclays, France
Finalist 2006, Europe; nominated by W4, France
Modelo Continente Hipermercados, Portugal
Gold Award 2006, Europe; nominated by iProcess and Tlantic SI, Portugal
The Spider BPM Solution at Telenor, Norway
Silver Award 2006, Europe; nominated by Cybercom (prev. auSystems), Sweden 

Section 2: Middle East and Africa

PaymentCentric Jordan
Gold Award 2006, Middle East and Africa; nominated by Telaterra, Jordan
TRACKER System, South Africa
Silver Award 2006, Middle East and Africa; nominated by TIBCO, UK
Amman Chamber of Industry, Jordan
Gold Award 2005, Middle East and Africa; nominated by Telaterra Software LLC, Jordan
Nedbank Retail Banking Credit Control Department, South Africa   
Silver Award 2005, Middle East and Africa; nominated by TIBCO Software, South Africa

Section 3: North America

The Chester County Hospital, USA
Gold Award 2006, North America; nominated by TIBCO and Siemens, USA
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Hasbro, USA
Silver Award 2006, North America; nominated by Lombardi, USA
NAS Cheetah Project, USA
Finalist 2006, North America; nominated by Green Square Inc, USA
Groupo Financiero Uno, USA
Gold Award 2005, North America; nominated by Ultimus, USA

Section 4: Pacific Rim

Asia Vital Component Co. Ltd., Taiwan
Silver Award 2006, Pacific Rim; nominated by Flowring Co. Ltd., Taiwan
KTF Co. Ltd., Korea
Gold Award 2006, Pacific Rim; nominated by HandySoft
Max New York Life, India
Finalist 2006, Pacific Rim; nominated by Newgen, India
AcBel Polytech, Taiwan
Silver Award 2005, Pacific Rim; nominated by Flowring, Taiwan
Samsung Heavy Industries, Korea
Gold Award 2005, Pacific Rim; nominated by HandySoft Global, Korea
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Section 5: South America

Allianz, Vehicle Insurance Operation, Colombia
Gold Award 2006, South America; nominated by Bizagi, Colombia
Metrovias, Argentina
Finalist 2006, South America; nominated by PECTRA Technology, Inc., Brazil
Grupo Pao de Acucar , Brazil
Silver Award 2006, South America; nominated by iProcess, Brazil
La Voz del Interior, Argentina
Gold Award 2005, South America; nominated by PECTRA Argentina, SA.
Universidade de Santa Cruz do Sul, Brazil
Gold Award 2005, South America; nominated by Cryo Technologies, Brazil

Section 6: Appendices

  • Appendix: Contributors, Award Winners, Vendors and Integrators
  • Resources
  • Index

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